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Gus Logie, Building Champions

By Veersen Bhoolai,

September 15, 2019





Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude from losing his. Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.


A passage from Gus Logie’s motivational book, Building Champions.



For approximately a decade and a half Augustine "Gus" Logie thrilled the cricketing world with his flair at the wicket and his uncanny ability in the field.


Post cricket, Logie moved into the field of Coaching with countries such as the West Indies, Canada and Bermuda under his charge.


Now, the former WI middle order batsman adds a new dimension to his repertoire, that of author and motivator. His book, Building Champions, A motivational presentation is now available in stores. Originally intended for the WI team, it is now available to the masses.


Like any motivational piece, it entails passages pointing out that one must block out all negativity and picture your success.  But then there are certain nuggets that stand out:


Let's win with integrity: Winning at all cost should not include the price of   dishonesty. A winner by dishonest means is honestly a loser. It has always been my philosophy that winning depends equally on the mental awareness of the professional athlete as well as his physical preparation.


Logie explains in the preface why he believes the book can be of use to today’s athletes:

 For too long, I have seen athletes not fulfil their true potential, not because they were not talented enough, but simply because they were not hungry or passionate enough.

One of the greatest challenges you will face in your sport is negativity, but, with a positive outlook you can change your career and ultimately your life. Negativity results in the opposite of passion, energy, commitment, responsibility, and above all, high motivation. That is why this motivational presentation, 'Building Champions' in book and CD format, is so timely. It will give you 'The Mind to Win', 'The Will to Succeed' and 'The Confidence to Make it Happen'.

He explains the impetus and evolution of his latest endeavor: “It was inspired during my stint as WI coach during the period 2003-2004, however, it took root during the 2004 Champions Trophy, which we won.


“During my time as coach lots of information was shared with players in paper form for discussions and for their own information, however, after each session a lot of the pages would be left behind and I would simply pick them up and keep.”


Logie adds “I also began to observe their inability to retain the very said information and recall it when faced with it on the field of play.


“The idea at first was to create a CD with the info which we did so they could listen to the instructions as many did not like reading and all listen to music of some kind.”


Co written with Emmanuel Guadoulpe, Building Champions has been distributed to many schools and Cricket clubs in the Caribbean. It is also available on Amazon and select bookstores in TT.



" My condolences to the family and friends  on the untimely death of Emmanuel Guadeloupe better known to me as " Manny" A gentle spirit and a visionary whose loss will be felt by those of us who had the pleasure and honour of working with him.My prayers are with his daughters Emma, Natalie (Nena)and wife Natalie at this time" … Gus Logie.

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